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Selective coatings

Selective coatings with innovative varnishes from ABchimie to protect your electronics. ABchimie currently offers the most technically advanced coating with UV light curing. This enables ultra-short drying times to be realised and space and energy costs to be significantly reduced through the use of UV LED light.
ABchimie also develops classic solvent-based, non-toxic varnishes as well as UV-resistant, low-VOC products to meet today's EU solvent emission requirements. ABchimie's protective varnishes have been specially developed for the optimal protection of printed circuit boards. Protective varnishes guarantee the reliability of electronics and improve their service life. The thinly applied varnish layer (25 to 50 µm) perfectly coats the contours of each assembly. All protective varnishes comply with the RoHS and REACH regulations. ABchimie is committed to environmental issues and offers environmentally friendly alternative solutions. Solvent-based and solvent-free, UV-curing protective coatings of the latest generation are offered, which have found their use in the automotive, military and industrial sectors.