What makes Puretecs special

As a trained electronics technician, Stephan Ballhaus has been working with conformal coatings since 2005.

It all started with the introduction of the completely new process of applying ultra-thin fluoropolymers to the entire surface of electronic assemblies by means of an immersion process without restricting the capacity to make contact. This process had already been used successfully in the warm and humid regions of Asia and was still completely unknown in Europe. With the introduction of the appropriate system technology, a production process was developed that provided the customer with a simple solution. The increasing proliferation of electronics in harsh and outdoor environments requires solutions that allow for increased production capacities. Over the years, other suppliers of ultra-thin coatings have come to favour this concept. In addition to selling the coating materials and the plant technology,

Puretecs was also founded in 2012 in order to technically prepare the assemblies for the process. The range was expanded to include cleaning solutions - for electronic assemblies as well as for precision parts and optics.

Son Johannes Ballhaus joined the company as a mechatronics engineer to further develop the plant and process technology. The portfolio was continuously expanded to include the entire range of protective coatings. In addition to the cleaning solutions for water-free cleaning, environmentally compatible and safe cooling fluids are now also supplied for the direct and indirect cooling of computer boards, motors and high-performance batteries.

With the move to our new premises in 2020, we now offer many years of expertise in protective coatings, cleaning, cooling, sample production and testing, plant engineering, process development and a large distribution warehouse for all common materials.