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ABchimie UV peelable

This masking material hardens under UV LED light within a few seconds and can be further processed immediately. 

Immediately after the application and the curing process, the covered PCBA can be coated. After the masking material is cureds, it can be easily removed from the protected areas without leaving any traces. Simply pull out. 

The masking material UV peelable offers a very high production speed to mask PCBA before applying coatings.

The product was developed without solvents and ammonia and is odorless. This is very much appreciated by the users. The UV peelable is available in a 30CC syringe. It can be applied by machine or with a hand press. Curing by a 395nm UV LED light source with an intensity of min. 1500mJ/cm² for a max. layer thickness of 2mm and 6000mJ/cm² for a max. layer thickness of 5mm. HG light sources curing is also possible. 

UV peelable

Container type:
30ml syringe, 310ml syringe
UV-LED curing, easy to peel
Masking before conformal coating
Suitable for:
ABchimie UV peelable