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Puretecs Purocoat 17/02 UV

Fluoropolymer coating material 2% - ready-to-use solution with UV tracers 

The Purocoat 17/02 UV surface coating is a ready-to-use, clear liquid of a fluoroacrylate polymer (fluoropolymer) which is dissolved in a Purosolve 71/00 hydrofluoroether solvent.
The coating creates a surface with good anti-moisture, anti-surface diffusion and anti-corrosion properties. With a surface energy of 8 to 12 mN/m, liquids such as water, heptane and toluene, but also lubricating oils and silicones, can run off the surface while the protective film remains intact.
Purocoat 17/02 UV contains tracers that are active in UV light, which enable the coating to be checked under UV light. Purocoat 17/02 UV and Purocoat 17/02 can be mixed without any problems and can be used together.

For applications in electronics, metallic contacts still working in spite of the coating. Test probes can usually be used on all contacts. Masking of contact areas is usually not necessary.
Purocoat is not electrically conductive in the liquid or in the dried state, so even button cells can be coated without any problems under voltage.

The dipping process usually takes between 15 and 60 seconds until all surfaces are completely wetted. If a fluoropolymer concentration of 2% (Purocoat 17/02 UV) is adhered within +/- 0.2% fluoropolymer concentration, the result is a coating with a thickness of approx. 500 nm. This is the film that remains on the module when it emerges from the liquid. To change the fluoropolymer concentration, Purocoat 17/10 UV concentrate with 10% fluoropolymer content is used to increase the concentration and Purosolve 71/00 thinner to decrease the concentration. Puretecs GmbH coating systems ensure that the coated modules come out of the system dry and that the solvent vapor are recondensed and fed back again. The drying process only takes a few minutes.

Purocoat17 02 UVgr

Container type:
1kg / 7kg / 15 kg aluminium bottle
conductive, transparent, with UV tracers
conformal coating for electronics
Suitable for:
dip coating
Puretecs Purocoat 17/02 UV