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ABchimie 836 UV LED

UV light curing varnish, highly flexible, high isolating, no toxic ingredients 

ABchimie 836 UV LED is a transparent and highly flexible coating. It cures in a few seconds under UV LED light (variant available for curing under mercury lamps). A lot of energy can be saved by using UV LED lamps, since the LEDs do not require any heat up time, but are only switched on for the few seconds of the curing process. Areas that are in the shadow of the UV LED lamp will cure within weeks via the second curing mechanism. The ambient humidity that is always present is used to start this second, slower curing process. This gives you the certainty that any shadowed areas will also harden and will not remain liquid over the life of the product.
As the only UV-curing coating, ABchimie 836 UV LED has the same high electrical resistance values as comparable acrylic coatings. In addition, the formulation of ABchimie 836 UV LED does not contain any toxic or carcinogenic components and is therefore very safe to use in production.
The material is mixed with UV light tracers for better control of the coating result; A check under UV light is quick, safe and very easy. The material meets the requirements of UL94 V0 and is registered.

  • Excellent adhesion in harsh environments 
  • Fluorescent under UV light to control of the layer of conformal coating deposit 
  • Operating temperature range -65°C to +150°C 
  • Can be soldered through without fear of highly toxic gases being produced 
  • Ecxellent dielectric properties 
  • Very fast curing under UV LED exposure 
  • Moisture cure for shadow areas 
  • VOC free 
  • Floor space saving compared with solvent based 
  • High speed process, increase of the productivity 
  • Low viscosity for select coat machine (used on head SC200, SC280, SC300, and SC400) 
  • Approval UL94 V0 and UL746E 
  • No tackiness effect 
  • No odor/smell 
  • No CMR substances 

SIR 836

Container type:
5-litre canister
version for mercury lamps
Cures in seconds, highly flexible, high isolation resistance, not toxic
conformal coating for electronics
Suitable for:
spraying, curtain nozzle, jetting
ABchimie 836 UV LED