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Gap filler with high thermal conductivity

Gap filler with high thermal conductivity

Blended from two equal low viscosity components. Flows perfectly into all crevices and hardens under heat in 15 minutes. 

The result is a rubbery mass with a thermal conductivity of up to 3.4W/mK. Naturally highly heat-resistant and permanently elastic as it is silicone-based. 

This Gab filler ThermoSink from Resin Designs encases your hot components and battery cells, protects them from moisture and thus corrosion and cools them down reliably. 

Two liquids, which can be easily transported and stored, are mixed well in a 1:1 ratio and can then be easily distributed within the next 20 minutes until the independent curing process begins. 

After four hours, curing at room temperature has then taken place. It can be accelerated to 15 minutes by heating to 125°C. 

Different final hardnesses and viscosity of the liquids are available, so that the filling process and the result can be optimized.