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Raigithane R8809

Solid, black polyurethane-based potting material with good adhesion 

Strong efficiency against flammability (completed UL94 V0 test (1,5 mm)
Good adhesive capacity
Does not contain halogen
Application: potting / PCB protection
Colour : Black

The RAIGITHANE 8809 / Hardener RAIGIDUR F polyurethane system polymerizes at room
This polyurethane system complies with the ROHS Directives (2002/95 / EC). It contains no substance of very high concern from the candidate list, nor of the list of substances subject to authorization (Annex XIV to Reach)
- RAIGITHANE 8809 has been formulated with polyols based on renewable resources.
- Rigid material (55 Sh D), black colour
- Use on a low pressure casting machine
- Long gel time for an easier manual execution and a better parts filling
- Excellent degassing after mixing
- Good adherence on metallic and plastic parts
- Great resistance to chemicals
- Auto-extinguishing material, free of antimony trioxide or halogen, pass UL94-V0 at 1.5mm 

- Mechanical protection of connexions
- Encapsulation 

Container type:
50ml cartridges, in-bag-mixing "Bi-Bag", can 1kg/10kg/25kg
all-round potting
potting electronics
Suitable for:
filling, potting
Raigithane R8809