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Raigipox A409

High quality epoxy potting material 

Bi-component epoxy system.
Thermally conductive material.
Colour : Dark grey
For battery potting, automotive products and electronic component potting applications. 

Raigipox A409 is an epoxy system that is heat-released after mixing.

Mixing ratio (weight): 100 / 0,87 or can be used in one component Epoxy
Shore Hardness: 85 Sh. D
Density: 2,3 
Polyol viscosity / Hardener viscosity: 100 000 ± 20 000 / 300 000 ± 50 000 mPa.s
Gel Time: 3900 sec at 100°C 
Dielectric constant (55KHz): 4,2 
Loss Factor (55KHz): 0,007 
Volume resistivity: 1,4*10^14 Ω.cm
Shock Resistance: 3,5 kJ/m² 
Thermal conductivity: 1,27 W/(m.K)

Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC, the so-called RoHS Directive. Highly exothermic in reaction, it is advisable not to cast massive pieces and not to exceed a few millimetres in thickness per casting.

Container type:
50ml cartridges, in-bag-mixing "Bi-Bag", can 1kg/10kg/25kg
all-round potting
potting electronics
Suitable for:
filling, potting
Raigipox A409