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Two-component, low viscosity, crystal clear transparent material for LED encapsulation. 

 LED Lighting applications require full protection against humidity, water, dust, corrosive environments, mechanical/chemical/thermal/physical shock, etc., as used in challenging environments and exposed to demanding conditions. 
COLTECH R-Series Encapsulation, Potting and Coating Solutions not only offer protection of LED lighting, but additionally contribute to thermal management of LED systems with heat conductive, fire retardant electro-insulating resins.

High IP standards for:

  • garden lights
  • fountain lights
  • pool lights
  • outdoor Christmas lights
  • bendable led strips
  • bendable led rails
  • or any other humidity and rain sensitive light

can be achieved with our COLTECH R-Series Encapsulation, Potting and Coating Solutions. 
LED announcement boards is another field, COLTECH R-Series offers effective solutions, with re-enterable, highly elastic, electro-insulating resins, allowing entering the board to perform maintenance and repairs, when needed. 

COLTECH R 3510 is a transparent, two component, solvent free, low viscosity, temperature resistant, UV stable, rigid Polyurethane electroinsulating Resin. 
It provides excellent durability, chemical resistance properties with minimum shrinkage. 
Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components at room temperature.

  • Solvent free
  • Rigid
  • Crystal clear (Water white)
  • UV stable, non-Yellowing
  • Cold curing
  • Good adhesion to cables, plastics and metal
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • High impact strength
  • Chemical and hydrocarbon resistant
  • Temperature resistant
Container type:
2x plastic pails (2 component)
R3500, R3510D, R3200, R3050, R3100
Low viscosity, transparent, 2 component potting for LEDs
Potting of LEDs
Suitable for:
Filling, Potting