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Optima V6

Coating system for dip coating with fluoropolymers for large or heavy assemblies or high throughput.
Work area product carrier is 450mm long, 300mm wide and 250mm high. Tank volume up to 115l. Load capacity 25kg.
Process time approx. 6 min. Approx. 600 euro cards / h.
Convenient operation, all process parameters are monitored, partial immersion possible.

The PRIMA and OPTIMA coating machines are specially designed for processing volatile substances such as HFE. Great emphasis has been placed on the process reliability and ease of use.
Coating of the assembled boards is done by immersion in the liquid contained in the tank of the machine. The boards are placed in baskets which are posed on a lift system. By closing the lid and pressing the start button the immersion operation and subsequent drying is carried out automatically. Once the process is completed the basket can be changed easily. The process time is about six minutes. The baskets can be easily adjusted to the board geometry or can be replaced by customized racks. All models are equipped with a cold trap for solvent recovery. The solvent condensate can be collected in a container or flow direct back into the tank. This provides an extremely economical and environmentally friendly process flow. A water separator collects condensing water in a separate container. The systems are therefore compliant with any legal requirements governing the use of HFE. The color touch screen displays a wide range of operating and process information. Adapted languages are possible. The machine is equipped with filters for cleaning of the Fluoropolymer liquid. The liquid level is controlled and detected in terms of volume. All major states are monitored. The lift can be stopped at any desired position to enable partial immersion. Required data output is via the control interfaces.

Dimensions in mm: B/W1130 x T/D1230 x H11730
Workspace: L450 x B/W300 x H250
Basketloading: 25 Kg
Throughput: ca. 600 Europakarten/h
Fluoropolymer capacity: 100/152Kg-115l/175Kg
Weight without filling: ca. 620Kg
Working height: 1125mm
Supply: 230 oder 400V / 3kW 6 bar / 30 Liter pro Min.

Optional features of the system:

  1. Weigh kit - Manual determination of the solid concentration by precision scales, syringes, weighing scale and evaluation table.
  2. Measuring station - Fixed connected detects the station the solid concentration regularly, calculates and displays the necessary dosage. Controls the dosing station.
  3. Dosing station (only in connection with the measuring station) - fixed connected the station removes surplus solvent from the plant and regulates the solid concentration in accordance with the values from the measuring station.


Protective coating for electronics
Suitable for:
Dip coating with fluoropolymers
Optima V6