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Basic V4

Coating system for dip coating with fluoropolymers for smaller PCBAs.
Work area basket is 300mm long, 250mm wide and 220mm high. Tank volume up to 47l. Load capacity 12kg.
Process time approx. 6 min. Approx. 280 euro cards / h
Easy handling and integrated filtration.

 Size: 1016 x 1050 x H 1160mm
 Working height: 970mm
 Power: 230V 50Hz 11A
 Consumption: 260W Ø
 Tank volume: 47 Liter max
 No pneumatic, no extraction necessary, automatic lift, big color display, filter, approx. 280 Eurocards per hour, with powerful cooling trap for minimal solvent losses
 Throughput up to 12 baskets per hour.

Dip coating - manual loading of the basket:

- The basket is placed on the lift in the machine
- The basket and electronic boards are dipped briefly in the fluoropolymer coating material
- The electronic boards dry in the machine within a few minutes
- The dried electronic boards can be removed and processed immediately


With manual sliding lid 
Tank filling min: 32l/ 48kg fluoropolymer liquid 
Tank filling max: 
47l/ 71kgfluoropolymer liquid 
Connects to a 230V~ socket 
Heigth 1160mm x Depth 1016mm x Width 1050mm 
Intigrated filter system 
  - Filter integrated design for highest safety and easy maintainance! 
Lift system to dip the basket 
Intergrated cooling and water separator to recondense the solvent vapors 
  - Water separator 
integrated design for highest safety and easy maintainance! 

protective coating for electronics
Suitable for:
dip coating with fluoropolymers
Basic V4