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Peelable UV light curable masking material
01 March 2022

Peelable UV light curable masking material

ABchimie is launching a masking material called UV Peelable.
This new product cures in just a few seconds under a UV light source.
This is a significant time saving compared to the use of previous masking materials made of natural or synthetic latex, which require drying times of hours.
Immediately after application and curing, the masked assembly can be varnished. After the varnish has dried, it can be easily removed from the protected areas without leaving any traces. It is simply peeled off.
Thus, the masking material UV Peelable offers a very high production speed to mask PCBA before applying varnish or silicone. The product has been developed solvent and ammonia free and is odourless. This is highly appreciated by users. The UV Peelable is available in a 30CC syringe. It can be applied from this by machine or with a hand press. Curing by a 395nm UV LED light source with an intensity of min 1500mJ/cm² for max. 2mm layer thickness and 6000mJ/cm² for max. 5mm layer thickness. HG light sources are also possible. The exposure must cover the entire material, otherwise no curing will take place. This is especially important for deep sockets. UV Peelable is the perfect combination of temporary protection, productivity enhancement and responsible innovation. Available at Puretecs.


ABchimie and Puretecs did some tests together with the peelable coating.
You can see it here in a short video in real time: sticking, UV curing and peeling off the coating.

Video UV-Peelable >>