Configurator requirements analysis



Increased requirements

Protection against


mechanical influences

special atmospheres

Result display

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Puretecs Purocoat 17/02 conductive, transparent
3M Novec 1700 EGC conductive, permanently transparent
Acota Certonal FC-742 2% conductive, permanently transparent
Electrolube FPC non-flammable, inert
ANG 112 permanently soft, conductive
ANG 170 permanently soft, conductive
ANG Titan permanently soft, not sticky
ABchimie AVR80 BA Gel thixotropic, solvent-based, non-toxic
ABchimie 746E UV LED does not contain solvents, cures in seconds, highly flexible in the long term
ABchimie 42K UV LED thixotropic, solvent-free, non-flammable
ABchimie SVP52 solvent-based, can not be removed, good resistance to solvents, high temperature resistance
ABchimie SIL100 solvent-free, one-component, good protective properties in sunlight and tropical surroundings
ABchimie U69-42 all-round potting, highly insulating
ABchimie U42-91 translucent, soft, repairable