Conductive coatings

Ultra-thin or soft coating materials offer the advantages of a fast process, as there is no need to mask connectors or recess spots on the electronics. The function of connectors, buttons, LEDs, etc. is not restricted by the coating. Due to the broad protection provided by these coatings, there are also no corroding spots due to interruptions in the protective coating.

fluropolymer puretecs purocoatThe coating material Purocoat from Puretecs is characterised by its extremely economical use. As a replacement for classic varnishes or other coatings, it offers the best possible technical performance as protection for electronic assemblies. Purocoat is available in ready-to-use mixtures with 2% fluoropolymer solids content and as a 10% concentrate. The concentrate is dissolved in the HFE liquid Purosolve. Purocoat and Purosolve are available in different aluminium bottles with safety valves. These are safe for transport and storage, very easy to handle, and ESD-compatible (without outer packaging). Purocoat and Purosolve are original bottlings from 3M.


fluropolymer puretecs certonal2Certonal® FC-742 is a clear, low viscosity, oleophobic and hydrophobic fluorochemical acrylate polymer coating dissolved in an inert hydrofluoroether (FC-746). The solvent is non-flammable, has low toxicity and offers well tolerated environmental properties.



fluropolymer puretecs novec2The 3M™ Novec™ surface coating materials offer an interesting coating alternative to conventional varnishing. In application areas where the mechanical requirements allow it, these materials can contribute to process optimisation and cost savings. They are primarily intended for use in electronics applications for protection from condensation.


fluropolymer puretecs fpc3FPC is a specialist fluorinated polymer coating formulated to provide high levels of liquid repellence to printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. Once dried, FPC has a low film strength and is therefore easily removed by minimal friction, allowing assemblies to be coated without masking.



TauchbeschichtungsanlagenSystems for coating electronic assemblies and elements with fluoropolymers for protection against moisture and environmental influences.


screen dst puretecs anlagentechnik Enhancements such as the continuous, fully automatic measurement of the fluoropolymer concentration and the associated automatic re-dosing allow the systems to be significantly upgraded through a higher degree of automation.


soft coating actnanoAdvanced Nano Guard (ANG for short) from actnano is a completely new material. It combines the positive properties of a classic conformal coating with those of an ultra-thin coating.
ANG offers the unique ability to protect 100% of the PCBA. Suitable for electronics in challenging environmental conditions with simultaneous increase in manufacturing efficiency. We support you in the application e.g. for automotive challenges in the development of a customised 3D protection strategy for automotive systems. Also ideal for complex systems, flexible PCBAs or high frequency applications due to the viscoelasticity of ANG.