Puretecs Reinigungsanlage Basic V3The HFE-based liquids absorb particles and light dirt and evaporate without leaving residues. They can be filtered well and evaporated products can be recovered as condensate. A special systems technology is required for this. As rinsing agents in the co-solvent cleaning process, they are an ideal substitute for cleaning processes where water is not an option. As a mixture with trans-DCE cleaning agents and even isopropanol, they form a highly effective group of cleaners even for the toughest contamination.

HFE cleaner with isopropanol

3M ™ Novec ™ 71IPA high-tech fluid is ideal for light cleaning and degreasing tasks. It is an effective cleaning agent for electronic components, glass and metal surfaces. The liquid mixture is characterized by very good operational safety and environmental compatibility, since it is a safe azeotrope. Typical areas of application are cleaning systems for assembled circuit boards, micro-mechanics, optical lenses, etc.


HFE cleaner and solvent with transdichloroethylene

HFE intensive cleaner with transdichlorethylene content

HFE cleaner and solvent with transdichloroethylene

HFE cleaner

Co-Solvent cleaning agent